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Dr. Ishii's Face Cleansing Powder with Rice Bran

Cleansing powder is GREAT for traveling and it will last you for months of daily use. It exfoliates and cleanses without drying your face out. Made of clean ingredients, it also has effective ones as well.

Ingredients: All natural soap-base, mineral salt, lavender flowers, rosemary leaves, Aureobasidium pullulans, komenuka (rice bran), kaolin clay powder, hydrolyzed starch.

Pullulan is cultivated from fermented yeast concentrate and has been a skin tightener for years in Japanese cosmetics.

Komenuka has been used in Japanese cosmetics for centuries and has naturally occurring peptides as well as vitamins A, B2, B12 and E. An anti-aging ingredient.

Kaolin clay powder is naturally occurring and is good for oily skin.

Because this has naturally occurring mineral salt, there is a slight sulfur odor when you wash your face, but no worries, it just means it is working like it is supposed to.

One order contains two bottles of 15g worth of cleansing powder.

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