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Tarifas básicas

Fee Category Fee Details Example Payment Timing
Purchase Costs (per auction) 1) Item Price 20000 yen
$166.66 (ex. rate 120)
Within 24 hours of winning
2) Rinkya Commission Fee $35
3) JP Seller Fee $15
Shipping Costs 4) Amounts in excess of the flat $15 JP seller fee (* see other fees) $2 (domestic fees 2040 yen) When you request shipping of all your items in the warehouse
5) International Shipping Fee (insurance included) $25, 500 grams to USA
Total $243.66

Calculadora de precios Los Acetatos y Doujinshi siguen una estructura de tarifas diferente

Precio final del artículo:

Precio que usted paga

Comisión de Rinkya:

Los honorarios de Rinkya son de $15 más $1 cada 1000 yenes hasta el precio final. El mínimo es de $20.00.
La tarifa para pujar en el artículo y el soporte para Rinkya para la transacción.

Tarifa del vendedor JP:

All domestic fees in Japan from your seller, included, but not limited to shipping within Japan, bank fee for payments, taxes, packing fees.
Minimum, flat fee of $15.00. (you are charged any excess with your international shipping amount)

Envío internacional:

We use the following shipping companies: EMS, SEA, SAL, AIR, FEDEX, DHL, UPS and small packet.
Once you request shipping, we consolidate your items and send you a quote.
There is a 25% charge added to your package to cover supplies, storage & labor.

Precio total:

Precio total


These sales do not apply to internal bids (e.g. bids between Rinkya members), which have their own sale, see below.


For all items won 1000 yen and under

Flat $40 Commission

Any item won from 40,000 to 100,000 yen

$60 Commission Discount

All items won over 100,000 yen

FREE JP Seller Fee (* NOT commission)

On any item won after the first from the same seller in 24 hours

$7 Commission up to 10,000 yen

(Cels only) 1$ per 1000 yen above 10,000

Flat $4 JP Seller Fee

(Doujinshi only)

Subhastas de la comunidad de Rinkya (pujas internas)

Ahorre dinero pujando contra pujadores de Rinkya

Rinkya Community bids (e.g. bids between Rinkya members) function exactly like normal bids, except that a different pricing strategy is adopted for any amounts above the final Yahoo Japan price.

Up until the price the item is won at on YJ, all normal pricing rules apply (with the exception that no sales are applied). For the amount between the Rinkya won price, and the YJ won price, a much cheaper exchange rate of 250 is used. Meaning you pay $1 for every 250 yen that the price is over the Yahoo Japan price.

For example (assuming an exchange rate of 100 yen):

  • In a normal bid, you'd win an item for 20000 yen ($200), and pay $35 in commission. For a total of $235.
  • In an internal bid, where the auction ends at 15000 on Yahoo Japan, but Rinkya bidders continue until 20000 yen, the cost for the final 5000 yen is calculated at exchange rate 250, so you pay only $150 (15000 at exchange rate 100) + $20 (5000 at exchange rate 250), and $35 in commission. For a total of $205.

Direct Yahoo Japan Auctions

Rinkya Community Auctions

Other sales do not apply to internal bids

Other Fees

These may include the following:

  • 8% sales tax in Japan (Stores on Yahoo Japan Auctions tend to charge this fee. Please check the description or ask before bidding)
  • Any domestic fees from the JP seller over the flat $15 will be passed on to you.
  • Surcharge for items that use more time & supplies to pack than normal. We'll let you know beforehand!
  • $20 late payment fee. Payments must be made within 24 hours of winning.
  • Shipping charge to your home country (Actual postal charge plus 25%)
  • Residents of Arizona pay 6.3% sales tax
  • 25% (of item price) penalty fee for leaving items in the warehouse over 60 days without requesting shipment. 25% (of item price) per month thereafter for storage fees.
  • $20 fee for bidding on restricted items, which may or may not include seller's fees of 3% and/or listing fee.
  • $100 penalty fee and account closure if bidding on a non-auction and auction results in negative feedback for Rinkya.
  • Case by case fee and account closure for causing negative YJ feedback for Rinkya. (Ask before bidding!)
  • Car parts surcharges.
  • Refund fee of $20 on items over $50.
  • No commission refund involving cases that require registered letters, lawyer and/or police advice. Lawyer's expenses will be your responsibility if you wish to pursue a case.
  • In accordance with our credit agreement, you will be responsible for collection costs in case of unpaid auctions.
  • Bidding on glass. We are not responsible for glass sheets breaking overseas. An extra charge will be added for packing glass cabinets, cases, windows (Car, house), and whatever we deem fragile glass. Please ask our shipping department if you are unsure, before bidding.

Payment Methods

Payment can be made through Paypal or by Credit Card.

If your payment total comes to more than $2000, you will be required to pay by bank transfer.

What Can't I Bid On?

  • Child pornography
  • Guns
  • Air spray, aerosol cans, lighters
  • Food, drinks, alcohol (We can only ship to alcohol businesses in the US, not direct to you personally. However, if you have a local liquor store, bar you are friends with, etc., you can provide their license # and we can ship to them. We CAN ship alcohol to personal and businesses directly to the following countries:
    Australia, France, Luxembourg, Singapore, Austria, Germany, Macau, Slovenia, Belgium, Greece, Malta, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Monaco, South Africa, Canada, Hungary, New Zealand, Switzerland, Cyprus, Ireland, Northern (U.K.), Philippines, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, Thailand, England (U.K.), Romania, Wales (U.K.), Finland, Liechtenstein, Scotland (U.K.)
  • Plants, agriculture
  • Auctions that require you to send in your item
  • Questionably legal merchandise
  • Nazi, SS. Memorabilia
  • Chemicals
  • Items requiring special processing by customs
  • Entire cars or bikes
  • Car Engines
  • Over-sized items without asking us!