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Basic Fees

Fee Category Fee Details Example Payment Timing
Purchase Costs (per auction) 1) Item Price 20000 yen
$166.66 (ex. rate 120)
Within 24 hours of winning
2) Rinkya Commission Fee $35
3) JP Seller Fee $15
Shipping Costs 4) Amounts in excess of the flat $15 JP seller fee (* see other fees) $2 (domestic fees 2040 yen) When you request shipping of all your items in the warehouse
5) International Shipping Fee (insurance included) $25, 500 grams to USA
Total $243.66

Pricing Calculator Cels and Doujinshi follow a different fee structure

Ending price of item:

Price you are paying

Rinkya Commission:

Rinkya fee is $15 base plus $1 each 1000 yen up to the final price. Minimum $20.00.
The fee to bid on the item and Rinkya support for the transaction.

JP Seller Fee:

All domestic fees in Japan from your seller, included, but not limited to shipping within Japan, bank fee for payments, taxes, packing fees.
Minimum, flat fee of $15.00. (you are charged any excess with your international shipping amount)

International Shipping:

We use the following shipping companies: EMS, SEA, SAL, AIR, FEDEX, DHL, UPS and small packet.
Once you request shipping, we consolidate your items and send you a quote.
There is a 25% charge added to your package to cover supplies, storage & labor.

Total Price:

Total Price


These sales do not apply to internal bids (e.g. bids between Rinkya members), which have their own sale, see below.


For all items won 1000 yen and under

Flat $40 Commission

Any item won from 40,000 to 100,000 yen

$60 Commission Discount

All items won over 100,000 yen

FREE JP Seller Fee (* NOT commission)

On any item won after the first from the same seller in 24 hours

$7 Commission up to 10,000 yen

(Cels only) 1$ per 1000 yen above 10,000

Flat $4 JP Seller Fee

(Doujinshi only)

Rinkya Community Auctions (Internal Bids)

Save money by bidding against Rinkya bidders

Rinkya Community bids (e.g. bids between Rinkya members) function exactly like normal bids, except that a different pricing strategy is adopted for any amounts above the final Yahoo Japan price.

Up until the price the item is won at on YJ, all normal pricing rules apply (with the exception that no sales are applied). For the amount between the Rinkya won price, and the YJ won price, a much cheaper exchange rate of 250 is used. Meaning you pay $1 for every 250 yen that the price is over the Yahoo Japan price.

For example (assuming an exchange rate of 100 yen):

  • In a normal bid, you'd win an item for 20000 yen ($200), and pay $35 in commission. For a total of $235.
  • In an internal bid, where the auction ends at 15000 on Yahoo Japan, but Rinkya bidders continue until 20000 yen, the cost for the final 5000 yen is calculated at exchange rate 250, so you pay only $150 (15000 at exchange rate 100) + $20 (5000 at exchange rate 250), and $35 in commission. For a total of $205.

Direct Yahoo Japan Auctions

Rinkya Community Auctions

Other sales do not apply to internal bids