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Come funziona
1: Fai offerte o compera
Trova un prodotto e clicca “Bid Now” oppure “Buyout” per acquistare un oggetto.
2: Conferma e spedisci
Rinkya contatta e paga il vostro venditore per voi.
3: Combina spedizione
Il venditore spedisce al nostro magazzino. Immagazziniamo fino a 2 mesi per combinare & risparmiare sulle spedizioni.
4: Ricevete il vostro oggetto
Richidete & e ricevete i vostri oggetti. Buon Divertimento!

Rinkya vi procura quello che desiderate dal 2001

The oldest and most trusted middleman in the business, we are small and family run with offices in Tokyo and Arizona. Please feel free to reach out and ask any questions so we can help you love Japan as much as we do!





8FT / 8PT


Fondatore/Proprietario di Rinkya

Heather Russell shared her Brooklyn childhood romance for Godzilla with the rest of the world by creating Rinkya. Initially, working out of a postage stamp-size Tokyo apartment, she was able to open the closed doors of Japan commerce to the rest of the world. Today, Rinkya, the number one middleman service for all things Japanese, has grown into an award-winning multi-million dollar international company. As a student of Fashion Industries in New York City and later Arizona State University, Heather relates her entrepreneurial success to the rare occasion of listening to her parents' advice: "never let school interfere with your education". Rinkya rules in Tokyo, London and wherever Heather lives. Coming soon to a country near you....

Follow on Twitter @heatherarussell

Scott Russell - Tokyo Warehouse Director

Scott Russell traded his football and business acumen as a graduate of Silicon Valley's premier Business School, Menlo College, to oversee Rinkya's Tokyo Operations. Rinkya customers are assured that Scott's management expertise for the Warehouse and stream-lined Shipping procedures keep their packages secure and safe. While living a dream-life in Tokyo, a Touchdown is now "Tatchidaun!"

Bart Riepe - System Engineer


Bart is the cog that keeps the entire web-operation running smoothly.

Elaine Russell - Rinkya CFO & Director of Public Relations

Elaine Russell is the Rinkya version of a "Renaissance Woman" as the Chief Financial Officer and Director of Public Relations. Her career experience is in fine arts and literature: paintings with a One-"Man" Art exhibit at Cornell University for her M.F.A, writing about Rock N' Roll for Rolling Stone Magazine, and a published book author on Vintage Magazines for Antique Trader . At Rinkya, she has applied her creative juices successfully to the company finances and public relations. Her focus is to make Rinkya a Rock Star on the international stage and show a worldwide audience that Rinkya and Japan Rocks!!

Michi - Packing Director

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2001年 (平成13年)11月
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