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Come funziona
1: Fai offerte o compera
Trova un prodotto e clicca “Bid Now” oppure “Buyout” per acquistare un oggetto.
2: Conferma e spedisci
Rinkya contatta e paga il vostro venditore per voi.
3: Combina spedizione
Il venditore spedisce al nostro magazzino. Immagazziniamo fino a 2 mesi per combinare & risparmiare sulle spedizioni.
4: Ricevete il vostro oggetto
Richidete & e ricevete i vostri oggetti. Buon Divertimento!

Rinkya Purchase Protection Plan

Rinkya's Purchase Protection Plan reimburses a certain percentage of an auction for an eligible customer when the seller does not send an item that has been paid for in an eligible transaction.

Please review our Bidding with Confidence page to educate yourself on bidding safely.

In the event you are not eligible for Rinkya Purchase Protection Plan coverage, you will be refunded commission per our normal avenues. Please refer to the refund section for more info.


In the event you are eligible for coverage, you receive a refund of the item price, up to a maximum of 30000 yen. There will be a processing fee of $25, which will be subtracted from your final amount. Processing will take up to 3 weeks.

You may make a claim once a year up to a maximum of 30000 yen.

Eligible Customer

An eligible customer is one where:

  • The customer is not late with this particular payment
  • Has a long-standing (6+ months), positive relationship with Rinkya
  • Has not had their account on hold or terminated
  • Has not previously asked for a bid retraction.

Eligible Transaction

An eligible transaction is one where:

  • The seller has more than 30 positive feedback.
  • The seller has no more than 5% negative feedback and a minimum of 20 positive feedback on sales.
  • Your final winning bid is over 2000 yen.
  • Your item is legal and not prohibited by Rinkya's TOS.
  • Payment can be documented.
  • You have not made a claim in the past 12 months.
  • Your item is not a Dutch Auction or a Rinkya Stores Item.
  • Your item has not arrived at the Rinkya warehouse for over 4 weeks and you have received contact from Rinkya stating this may be a case of theft.

Ineligible Transaction

The Rinkya Purchase Protection Plan is meant to protect against theft by a Japanese seller, and is therefore not applicable in the following situations.

  • Buyer's Remorse
  • Items lost or damaged in shipping
  • Items with a different description
  • Any items that are not shipped from within Japan

In addition, the following item types are always exempt from the protection.

  • Intangible Items
  • Any bootleg items
  • Guitars


Please start the claim by sending an email or submitting a ticket in our support system.

Following Up on Your Claim

Rinkya hands over all evidence and material to the police within 1 month of your incident. You will be contacted if Rinkya receives contact from the police. Otherwise, there are no other updates available.

If the police retrieve your funds, then Rinkya will reimburse you minus the refund you originally received with your claim, as well as Rinkya's original commission fees.


There shall be no double payment from Rinkya and another party.

Claim payments shall be revoked if you are suspected of fraud.